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Would it be wise to abandon the appellation Lyme in favor of Borreliosis?

Lyme disease

  • Drury discovers Malgache fever in 1702 – Central Africa – following the bite of the ornithodorus moubata tick
  • Early 1900’s Spirochete hispanicum in Spain
  • A few years later, Nicolle tracks Malgache fever – Northern Africa
  • Scheltz, while working in Congo in 1933, reports the same recurrent fever associated with spirochete
  • In 1944, Palakov publishes that the relapsing fever disabling patients in Cape Town is due to the same bug
  • Heisch claims the recognition of Borreliosis as causing the never-ending fever in 1950– Kenya
  • Borrelia burgdoferi, isolated in 1982 by Willy Burgdorfer after a mysterious outbreak of arthritis in Connecticut in 1975, is Americanised as Lyme disease
  • Otzi the Iceman died around 5.300 years ago. His mummified body was found on a high mountain pass in the Otzal Alps in 1991. By means of computer tomography scans, the mummy showed evidence of arteriosclerosis. Traces of DNA from Borrelia burdoferi were also found, according to the Scientific American 2013. 
  • Conclusion: All the above points discredit the thesis that you need a journey in the Connecticut to suffer from  the particular tick born disease called Borreliosis

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