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About cholesterol

Cholesterol is often described as having a similar effect as that of a chalky deposit in plumbing pipes: if too high, it will produce a blockage of the arteries and give you an heart attack. This seems strange as cholesterol will circulate equally in your whole body. Why is it considered so dangerous by the cardiologist mainly? Is cholesterol their stronghold? Why would cholesterol not first attack, for example, your eyes or your ear drums where the arteries are narrower?
Why is it given so much value by the insurance policies that do not give a damn about rickettsial and neo rickettsial infections? And what if those agents were the silent killers needing cholesterol to survive?
In fact, many recent studies have shown the lack of link between cholesterol and heart attacks (Doctor Malcom Kendrick – British Medical Association). According to the Framingham Heart Study, 75 % of patients suffering from heart attacks present with a normal level of cholesterol.
Never mind good or bad cholesterol, the use of statines will lower its level by blocking its production. Considering that cholesterol exposed to the sun is in fact a precursor of vitamin D,the statines will lower the level of vitamin D.
Then, if your cholesterol is elevated, both statines and, after a while, vitamin D should be prescribed for the rest of your life. What a blessing for the pharmaceutical industry! What an act of robbery under the facade of Medicine!
Statines have a long list of side effects such as severe weakness and muscles pain. This includes our biggest muscle, the heart. In our practice, we have seen more than one spontaneous rupture of tendons. It causes liver toxicity and impairs the memory.
Indeed, the brain is the most cholesterol-rich of all our organs. Children with autism are often lacking of cholesterol and treated with cholesterol supplements.
What a confusing investment!

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