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Treatment of chronic co-infections in adults according to weight

Pulse Antibiotherapy:
1. Doxycycline 100mg + 50mg daily or 100mg bd plus quinolone : Ciprobay 250 mg or 500 mg bd 
2. Tetralysal (lymecycline) – 300 mg bd x 7 days plus Flagyl ( metronidazole ! no alcohol ) 200 mg bd or 400mg bd
3. Minomycin or cyclomycin 50mg plus 100mg bd or 100 bd plus Rulide (macrolide 150mg.)
4. Vibramycin – only if available as such – 200 to 400 mg/day  in divided doses depending on weight and tolerance
5. Tetralysal is also combined with augmentin 1000mg bd
6. Oxytetracycline + nystatine  250 QID, 500 TDS, 500 QID
7. Doxycycline + Avelon 400 mg or Tavanic BD
8. Klacid XL + Augmentin 1000 mg BD
9. Dalacin C 150 mg 2 x 2 or 2 x 3
10. Tetralysal 300mg BD + Dapsone 50 or 100 mg bd

Each treatment to be taken for 7 to 12 days with:
– Probiotic (not based on milk products) 
– B Complex
– Proton pump inhibitor

In between antibiotherapy:
– In case of the presence of auto immune factors, the use of quinine is often beneficiary keeping in mind the possible side effects, mainly affecting vision
– Thyroid supplements are prescribed when thyroid biological dysfunction  has been detected
– If liver impairment is diagnosed, liver support (legalon) will be used in between   antibiotherapy
– Piracetam (nootropil), increasing the cerebral vascular net, is helpful in case of neurological diseases or memory/concentration impairment
– Peripherical vascular support (betahistine) improves the peripheral circulation
– Beta blockers for tachycardia is sometimes required
– High blood pressure treatment and diabetes treatment as required
– Anti-inflammatories if necessary
– When traveling by air take ecotrin once a day
– De-worm the whole household twice a year
– Co-enzyme Q10 is recommended

At all times during the therapy:
– Avoid caffeine (coffee, coke, red bull etc.) and nicotine because of their vaso-constrictive effects
– Avoid sugar (you will be craving it because infectious pathogens need it to multiply). Do not use aspartame
– Do not consume unpasteurised products – milk, cheese, yoghurt – nor uncooked meat or fish
– Avoid deep body massage as you are dealing with a vascular disease- you will not only recycle ‘cold germs’ but also tear damaged vessels
– Avoid flu vaccines, gamma- or beri- globulin and cortisone
-Do not have local anesthetic containing adrenalin

When patients are asymptomatic and when the blood test concerning the differing dysfunctions and auto-immune factors are normalised, the treatment has achieved its purpose and is discontinued. This might happen after 6 months but most probably will require one to three years or more. Maintenance treatment is advised to patients that have been presenting auto-immune factors.

Oxygen therapy, ionized air and ozone therapy are not a great help because intra-cellular germs are acting like a screen between the blood and the tissue. I have not much experience in hyperbaric therapy as access to it is not easy in South Africa. Le Gag reported in 1986 some success using it for multiple sclerosis. Hyperbaric therapy is known to activate cancer.

During the treatment, sauna or hot baths are important, as well as large intakes of water. The objective being to rid the body of particles of antigens released by the antibiotic. 

Rickettsia may be in a dormant state before the onset of symptoms, and then become activated at the time of onset of symptoms.

Patients with chronic Rickettsia cannot infect others except through the placenta from Mother to Child

Like any other chronic infection (syphilis, Malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, Aids, herpes, shingles etc.) patients will remain infected.

Sensitivity to sunlight is a side effect of antibiotics. CFS patients also will often be sensitive to any light due to their poor vascularisation.

The sulpha group, like magnesium and sugar, enhance the growth of Rickettsia in guinea pigs, and is to be avoided. 

Vitamin A and E are to be avoided because of their tendency to produce intra-cranial micro-hemorrhages.

To minimise Herxheimer reaction, increase your intake of water.  Probenecid helps as a powerful anti inflammatory. Regular daily exercise for short periods of time will help the circulation of your toxins and hot baths will expel them through the skin.

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