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Professor Paul Giroud

Professor Paul Giroud

Thanks to his insistent motivations, I became a doctor rather than an artist.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pig

Cervical smear infected with Rickettsia

Professor JB Jadin

Professor JB Jadin

Thanks to him and his colleagues, I am able to collect ticks, rats and bats anywhere in the world.

Cecile Jadin was born in Burundi where she had the privilege to learn about the beauty of gorillas and the illnesses of chimpanzees. At 8 years old, her family moved to Antwerpen, Belgium, where she attended secondary school at the Sacre Coeur de Jesus. Cecile studied Medicine in Louvain, following which, she specialized in Surgery in Namur under Dr E. Aubry.

In 1981, Cecile went to South Africa to complete a one year specialization and has lived there ever since.

While working as a surgeon, and running her own general practice, Cecile came across many people suffering from a condition labeled as CFS, Yuppie Flu, ME, fibromyalgia and burn out. As their symptoms resembled her father’s work, she followed his approach.

Her father was Professor JB Jadin, who undertook groundbreaking research on tropical diseases, among them Rickettsial infection, with Professor Paul Giroud in Central Africa, South Africa, the Near East, and in Europe. Together they developed the work started in the Pasteur Institute of Tunis, with Professor Charles Nicolle, who was a disciple of Louis Pasteur. Thus, Cecile was familiar with those germs from an early age and her work represents the results of teamwork through the last 100 years.  

At the end of 1987, one of her friends became unable to walk and was diagnosed as having CFS. For 4 years, Dr. Jadin suggested the diagnosis of Rickettsial Infection, and therefore the Weil-Felix test, the only one then available in South Africa for diagnosis of Rickettsia, was performed several times but the results were  negative. The friend developed an acute appendicitis that needed surgery. Afterwards, her serum was sent to Prof. JB Jadin in Belgium to test for Rickettsiae, and the result was positive. Dr. Jadin treated her with Tetracyclines and 3 weeks later she was riding her horse again. It was at this point that Dr. Jadin started to focus on the Rickettsial approach.

But, success did not come without controversies.

Cecile Jadin became an international speaker, invited to give lectures in Australia, Belgium, Padua, South Africa, Seattle, Germany, San Francisco, Paris and Bordeaux.

She opened clinics in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pietermarisburg, Antwerp, Namur, Aalborg and Schloss Engers that were always well attended, and she continues to see patients in Belgium. She is also an active member of Ratnalink Working Group and Chronimed and is an international consultant on chronic infectious diseases and auto-immune conditions. 

Her first book A Disease Called Fatigue encountered a big success and has been published in English, French and controversially in German*. Her second book, The Medical Chameleon, is coming soon. 
She has also created a very informative video illustrating how intra-cellular organisms affect the human body: Triggering Chronic Fatigue. 

Cecile Jadin took horse riding very seriously and accomplished to high level competition in dressage. She loves painting and sculpting and has 3 beautiful children, Jean-Baptiste, Aurélie & Antoine, with her husband Dr Patrick Gerin.

*The German version of my book under the title CFS has been published without my final consent. The translation does not respect the original version and contains mistakes due to the inappropriate initiatives   the dishonesty and the lack of knowledge of Frau Teresa Taddonio. Our working partnership was supposed to be purely administrative, never medical nor scientific.

Cecile Jadin - A formal Affair
Cecile Jadin - Garden reader
Cecile Jadin - Art in the garden
Cecile Jadin -  the red garden